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Work Package 6:

Regional HPC Action Guidelines

The key output of the project will be the HPC courses for enterprises, developed with the purpose to contribute to enhance innovativeness of regions through tailor-made HPC programems. It is, however, important to ensure better and continuous integration and co-ordination between HEIs, enterprises and policy-makers designing policies that are relevant from the perspective of HPC. This WP is dedicated to foster such long-term orientation by bringing together public and private individuals and organisations in the development of Region-Specific Action Guidelines. An important part of the project, identified through the process of analysis, auditing and benchmarking, will be to compare the respective roles of HEIs, public and private actors, and to examine the existing and possible synergy between those sectors, and to better understand the way in which public-private collaboration can facilitate the appreciation and utilisation of HPC to enhance competitiveness and value-added in enterprises.


Region-Specific Action Guidelines will also include governance as one of the target areas – specifying clear guidelines and achievable actions to improve the situation and to make most effective use of the comparative strengths of all actors.


This WP will strongly depend on the outputs of WP 2 and WP 3. On the other hand, this WP will also have some influence on the implementation of WP 4 and WP 5. Its result will be disseminated in direct contact with key stakeholders and through WP 8. 



1. Template for Developing Region-Specific Action Guidelines

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