Project SME/HPC has several public deliverables for the general public and stakeholders to use.


They can be found and downloaded below.


Institutional Absorptive Capacity

Regional HPC Benchmark Audit

The HPC Benchmark Audit Reports consist of the three regional audits conducted in the pilot regions in Ireland, Slovenia and Romania. The data was collected in two stages. Firstly, in each of the three pilot regions there was conducted a Desktop Research. Secondly, there were conducted group interviews with a representative number of enterprises (small, medium, large, indigenous, and foreign owned) about the knowledge, understanding and use of HPC skills and processes in their respective organizations, as well about the availability and access to HPC infrastructure. The aim was to provide a comprehensive in-depth knowledge about all relevant aspects of the HPC landscape in each of the three pilot regions.

This document provides a template for the development of region-specific action guidelines for enhancing innovativeness at regional level by capitalizing on HPC. The guidelines are based on the results of WP2 and WP3, examining the existing and possible synergies between the actors involved in HPC, including HEIs and businesses. Thus, the template includes a context section in which all aspects relevant to the development of HPC in the pilot region – socio-cultural, policy, infrastructural, educational – are analysed.

The guidelines further draw directions for enhancing public-private collaboration and using HPC to enhance competitiveness and value-add in enterprises. Thus, for each region, the guidelines set out objectives and recommended actions/guidelines, in relation to the results of the analysis.

The current template was applied at the level of three pilot regions, in Ireland, Slovenia and Romania, being fundamental to the development of the preliminary action-specific guidelines (D6/2) and, respectively, of the final action-specific guidelines (D6/4). However, the template is designed so that it may be used by any European region.

The SME/HPC partners organized five regional workshops with regional partners from the business community in the pilot regions of Ireland, Romania and Slovenia. These 5 events were moderated in such a way as to contribute to strategic dialogue between HEIs and business/enterprise community, as well as to disseminate information about SME/HPC.