SME/HPC project Repository

Project SME/HPC has several public deliverables for the general public and stakeholders to use.


They can be found and downloaded below.



Regional Benchmark Audit

The HPC Benchmark Audit Reports consist of the three regional audits conducted in the pilot regions in Ireland, Slovenia, and Romania. The aim was to provide comprehensive in-depth knowledge about all relevant aspects of the HPC landscape in each of the three pilot regions.

Generic HPC Benchmark Audit Instrument

Adjusted HPC Benchmark Audit Instrument

HPC Benchmark Audit Reports


Regional HPC Action Guidelines

This document provides a template for the development of region-specific action guidelines for enhancing innovativeness at the regional level by capitalizing on HPC.

Template for Developing Region-Specific Action Guidelines


Regional Workshops

The SME/HPC partners organized five regional workshops with regional partners from the business community in the pilot regions of Ireland, Romania, and Slovenia. These 5 events were moderated in such a way as to contribute to the strategic dialogue between HEIs and business/enterprise community, as well as to disseminate information about SME/HPC.

1th Regional Workshop (Romania): 25 April 2018; Palatul Universul, Bucharest

2nd Regional Workshop (Ireland): 9th June 2018; ArcLabs Research and Innovation Centre

3rd Regional Workshop (Slovenia): 25 October 2018; Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto

4th Regional Workshop (Slovenia): 12 December 2019; Podbreznik Business Incubator, Novo mesto

5th Regional Workshop (Ireland): 16 January 2020; ArcLabs Research and Innovation Centre, Waterford Institute of Technology

Regional Workshops Final Report


Development of generic HPC training outline and materials

These documents are designed and developed for SME staff to gain knowledge about HPC, understand the purpose of HPC usage, identify SME opportunities for HPC usage, and get examples of problem-solving when they are using HPC. Alongside the generic document, adjusted documents for the pilot regions Ireland, Romania, and Slovenia were prepared.

HPC Training Material for SMEs - Generic

HPC Training Material for SMEs - Ireland

HPC Training Material for SMEs - Romania

HPC Training Material for SMEs - Slovenia

HPC Training Programme for SMEs - Generic - eng

HPC Training Programme for SMEs - Ireland - eng

HPC Training Programme for SMEs - Romania - eng

HPC Training Programme for SMEs - Slovenia - eng

HPC Training Programme for SMEs - Slovenia - Program usposabljanja - slovensko

HPC Training Programme for SMEs - Romania - Program de instruire - Română



The design of a HPC Lab for Policies, Recommendations and Projects is an innovative initiative, proposed by the SME-HPC consortium which can enable European experts and HPC practitioners to establish networks and connect their ideas and expertise in order to write policies, recommendation or projects for the HPC domain. The below document sets the methodology on how to design and operationalize an HPC Policy Lab.  It can be replicated by all the stakeholders aiming to develop such an instrument.  

Designing and implementing an SME/HPC Policy Lab