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SME/HPC project Repository

Project SME/HPC has several aditional public deliverables for the general public and stakeholders to use.


They can be found and downloaded below.

02/ (D6/3)

Strategic workshops with key stakeholders

The strategic workshops organised as part of WP6 have sought to ensure that the regional guidelines proposed for each pilot region – Ireland, Slovenia and Romania – are in line with the local specificities and to co-create final recommendations for improving the HPC situation in the three countries.


The events included debates with relevant triple helix stakeholders – public representatives, academia and business- on recommended measures to further develop and strengthen the HPC ecosystems in Ireland, Romania and Slovenia, in order to improve its efficiency and foster the growth of both Romanian research and industry. 

D6/3 Strategic workshops with key stakeholders

04/ (D8/4)

Regional Workshops

The SME/HPC partners organized five regional workshops with regional partners from the business community in the pilot regions of Ireland, Romania, and Slovenia. These 5 events were moderated in such a way as to contribute to the strategic dialogue between HEIs and business/enterprise community, as well as to disseminate information about SME/HPC.

1th Regional Workshop (Romania): 25 April 2018; Palatul Universul, Bucharest

2nd Regional Workshop (Ireland): 9th June 2018; ArcLabs Research and Innovation Centre

3rd Regional Workshop (Slovenia): 25 October 2018; Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto

4th Regional Workshop (Slovenia): 12 December 2019; Podbreznik Business Incubator, Novo mesto

5th Regional Workshop (Ireland): 16 January 2020; ArcLabs Research and Innovation Centre, Waterford Institute of Technology

Regional Workshops Final Report

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