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The 1st Strategic Workshop “Region-Specific HPC Action Guidelines

The first Strategic Workshop within the Work Package 6 “Region-Specific HPC Action Guidelines” was conducted in Bucharest, on 17.09.2019 as part of the Innovation Café - an open format event addressing the most challenging innovation topics at national level, trying to involve all active players in the ecosystem in an informal debate about the future of innovation, contributing to the pool of evidences for public policies recommendations.

The event brought together innovative entrepreneurs, representatives of universities and of public sector to discuss innovative ideas on high technologies and to identify measures to support high-tech entrepreneurship. The discussions were focused around the specific topic of digital use in health which is one of the most relevant fields for the use of high performance computing at regional level. The workshop was a great opportunity to get input for regional guidelines on how to improve the performance of the innovation, in general, and high performance computing in particular.

The second Strategic Workshop within the Work Package 6 “Region-Specific HPC Action Guidelines” is planned to be organized in October 2019 as a focus group. While the first event was focused on raising awareness and get general input from a large number of actors in the ecosystem, the second even is aimed to a more in-depth analysis of the guidelines and to validate the updated version of the Region-Specific HPC Action Guidelines.

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