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SHE/HPC regional workshops successful

The SME/HPC partners organized five regional workshops with regional partners from the business community in the pilot regions of Ireland, Romania and Slovenia. These 5 events were moderated in such a way as to contribute to strategic dialogue between HEIs and business/enterprise community, as well as to disseminate information about SME/HPC.

Workshop No.1: 25 April 2018; Palatul Universul, Bucharest, Romania

Workshop No.2: 9th June 2018; ArcLabs Research and Innovation Centre, Ireland

Workshop No.3: 25 October 2018; Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto

Workshop No.4: 12 December 2019; Podbreznik Business Incubator, Novo mesto

Workshop No.5: 16 January 2020; ArcLabs Research and Innovation Centre, Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford, Ireland

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