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Work Package 4:

HEI Staff Capacity Building

The aim of this WP is to train staff of participating SME/HPC HEIs to design and deliver HPC training courses for and to enterprises. This WP is highly relevant for the successful implementation of SME/HPC because in Partner Countries i.) HPC is a rapidly developing field of expertise, where new systems and technologies are emerging with immense speed and at the same time their regions are not at the forefront of this development; ii.) university-enterprise gap is even bigger and linkages even weaker than is the case in more developed regions; hence, these HEIs from less developed regions have even less experience teaching short-term training courses. The exact extent and specific needs of this will be revealed by WP 2 and WP 3.

In this WP the consortium will develop training, which will address existing gaps in relation to HPC expertise and utilisation. Training will be intended for a minimum of two members of staff from WIT, UNN and FIS. Training will be a combination of:

i.) self-study of training materials, which will be conducted prior to 

ii.) workshop conducted by University of Northumbria, and 

iii.) on the job experience conducted at Arctur d.o.o. 

In addition to being dependent on the results of WP 2 and WP 3, this WP will be necessary for the successful development and testing of courses for HPC training for entrepreneurs (WP 4). The quality of this implementation will be controlled and monitored by WP 7 and its results disseminated through WP 8. 

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