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Work Package 2:

Institutional Absorptive Capacity

The purpose of this Work Package (WP) is to establish the readiness and absorptive capacity of the HEIs from less developed pilot regions involved in this project as regards their knowledge of High Performance Computing (HPC) and their capability and capacity to deliver HPC programmes to enterprises. This will include Ireland and Slovenia. Therefore the aim of this WP is to assess the preparedness and interest of the HEIs, in the pilot regions, to undertake the tasks for improving the relationships between HEIs and the business sector, particularly in relation to HPC.


Partners from Erasmus+ Programme Countries will, first, design and develop a framework for the delivery of HPC skills to the enterprises. This framework will detail the required knowledge, technology, capability, and experience that HEIs require to transfer HPC knowledge and experience to public and private sector organisations in their respective countries. Secondly, these partners will conduct an institutional review to identify the gaps in the knowledge, technology, capability, and experience of these HEIs to deliver the programme. Based on this, the Programme Countries will develop a set of institution-specific framework plans aimed at narrowing this knowledge and experience gap.


SME/HPC consortium partners closely cooperate in this WP, each according to their particular field of expertise. Hence, their tasks will be quite different; while partners form Programme Countries will design relevant tools and perform evaluation of Absorptive capacity, partners form Partner Countries will contribute and support their assessment with relevant information.


The overview of the monitoring and the evaluation of the work undertaken within this WP will be done through WP 7, which is dedicated exclusively to Quality Assurance and monitoring of the entire project. The results of this WP will lead directly to WP 4, WP 5 and WP6 and is not dependent on any other WP. 





Assessment framework for the delivery of HPC skills to the private sector organizations


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