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Work Package 3:

Regional HPC Benchmark Audit

The purpose of this WP is to systematically assess the levels of awareness and usage of HPC in the business sector in the pilot regions of Ireland and Slovenia. Therefore data will be collected from a representative number of enterprises (small, medium, large, indigenous, and foreign owned) about the knowledge, understanding and use of HPC skills and processes in their respective organisations, as well as the data about the availability and access to HPC infrastructure. This data will provide the consortium partners with a comprehensive in-depth knowledge about all relevant aspects of the HPC landscape in each of the three pilot regions.


This WP will have several phases. First, the consortium will generate a benchmark audit instrument. Secondly, it will, if necessary, adjust this instrument to take regional nuances into account. Thirdly, the consortium will conduct the regional HPC benchmark audits, in which data will be collected for secondary analysis (mostly, but not exclusively, documentary and report analysis) and primary analysis (e.g. surveys, semi-structured interviews, focus groups etc.) These findings will be presented to relevant regional stakeholders.


Results of this WP will directly contribute to WP 5 and WP 6.



1. Generic HPC Benchmark Audit Instrument

2. Adjusted HPC Benchmark Audit Instrument

3. HPC Benchmark Audit Reports

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