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Work Package 7:

Quality, Evaluation and Monitoring

The main aim of this Work Package is to ensure that all project goals are achieved, deliverables are produced in a timely manner and are of high quality, as well as to assure that all tasks are performed efficiently, and that the training modules meet enterprise and learner needs. This will be achieved by providing proactive planning and corrective measures to mitigate risk and monitoring progress of the project both internally by all partners and from an objective point of view via external assessment, evaluation and monitoring of progress.

A Project Quality, Evaluation and Monitoring Plan will be put in place from the beginning of the SME/HPC, which will be part of Project Handbook. This plan will embrace all aspects of the project and implement a process of quality, evaluation and monitoring across all Work Packages. The objective of the plan is to ensure that SME/HPC delivers the required outputs. The plan will define i.) relevant quality standards, ii.) measurements of quality, iii.) procedures for the monitoring and evaluation of work based on these measurements and iv.) set in place a system of audits to be undertaken at key stages in the project. The plan will detail the quality, evaluation and monitoring responsibilities of all partners and define the procedures to deal with non-conformance, problems and remedial actions. Quality reports will be part of the regular management reports. Also Quality, Evaluation and Monitoring will be reported.

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