Work Package 8:

Disseminaton and Exploitation

This Work Package is aimed at covering tasks related to the dissemination of project methodology and results in order to assure not only the greatest possible visibility of the project, but also ensure the sustainability of its methodology, processes and procedures beyond the duration of project funding. With that purpose in mind the consortium will design and implement a project website, regional workshops, final conference, summer schools and activities for regular updates on project development (newsletters, social networks announcements etc.). Last but not least, the SME/HPC consortium will maintain continuous and open communication with regional stakeholder throughout the project and beyond project completion. All these details will be contained in the SME/HPC Dissemination and Exploitation Plan.


The project website will be available by Month 3. It will be responsive and dynamic, as well dissemination it will also serve as the project’s repository. Newsletters and advertising activities are yet another dissemination tool. Therefore the consortium will also disseminate project information using mailing lists, printed promotional material and to organise the appearance of project participants in local media.

Moreover, each of the project meetings that will take place in pilot regions will be accompanied with regional workshops, bringing partners from HEI and enterprises together with experts in the fields of HTC, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial processes. 

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