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Work Package 1:

Coordination and Management

A project management structure appropriate for the work being undertaken in the SME/HPC project is in place from the start of the project. This structure and associated management procedures and documentation will reflect good practice in project management and will ensure that SME/HPC meets its objectives on time and within budget. The management structure establishes clearly-defined roles and responsibilities within the project, ensuring:

1. strong interaction between partners, 

2. clear definition of project roles and responsibilities, 

3. effective management and control of the consortium activities, 

4. transparent decision-making and open communication, 

5. coordination and integration of the Work Packages, 

6. on-going and timely review and measurement of progress, 

7. identification, capture and timely reporting on project outcomes, 

8. early recognition and resolution of disputes, 

9. Timely identification of risks and contingency planning. 

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