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Enabling SMEs to gain competitive advantage from the use of HPC.

Our objectives.

Our Servuces
Capacity Building for SMEs

To develop a set of HPC training programmes that respond to the SME needs.

To foster such long-term orientation by bringing together public and private individuals and organisations in the development of Region-Specific Action Guidelines.

Regional HPC Benchmark Audit

To systematically assess the levels of awareness and usage of HPC in the business sector in the pilot regions of Ireland, Slovenia and Romania.

HEI Staff
Capacity Building

To train staff of participating SME/HPC HEIs to design and deliver HPC training courses for and to enterprises.

Institutional Absorptive Capacity

To establish the readiness and absorptive capacity of the HEIs from less developed pilot regions involved in this project as regards their knowledge of HPC and their capability and capacity to deliver HPC programmes to enterprises.



3rd Steering Committee meeting was held at Northumbria University in Newcastle on 28-29 November 2018, with participation of partners and stakeholders.

Representatives of InnoHPC and KnowING IPR projects participated at the event, ensuring cross-fertilisation between various EU initiatives. 

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